Friday, December 2, 2016

Trustworthy & Reliable Information

We are in a society of information overload! What information is true? What information is accurate and dependable? It is really hard to decided, especially with so much information being disseminated through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, how do you know if what you are reading is true or accurate? You, the reader, has to make the decision to do some investigating to check out the facts. Below are some ways to check:

          1. Check About and About me pages
Interrogate urls and look at the webaddress
Suspect the sensational
Go back to the source of the information listed
Go back to the story again (and again) for any updates
Triangulate by finding the same information from multiple sources
What exactly are you reading: a news story, feature article, editorial, etc?
Use a little energy, don't just be satisfied with one source
Stop before you forward (or use) and ask yourself - is this fake, a hoax, biased
Be suspicious of pictures! They can easily be edited

Want to look at some great 'hoax' websites? Here are just a few:
            Constant Kitten
            Google Nest
            Quantified Toilets
            Tree Octopus

Remember, it is important to check your information for accuracy. If you need help, that is what Mrs. Nix and I are here to do! Please come see us, email or call us if we can assist you!

If you want to read more about news and social media or how to check your information, visit these links:
          Truth, Truthiness, Triangulation and the Librarian Way by Joyce Valenza
          Facebook's Problem is More Complicated than Fake News by R. Kelly Garrett
          Research and an Infographic About Research by Joyce Valenza
          A List of "Fake News" Sites by Steve MacDonald

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